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Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Scheduled Post for Blogger

For some reason, sometimes you need to set when your article will be published, not soon after you finish the writing. This may because of your busyness, to make regular posts or for other reasons. Let say you write the article by today, and want to publish it tomorrow or the day after automatically.

In other case, sometime you want to keep any post in the top of your blog page for a while before newer post push it down.For bloggers, you can do this with Post Option on the Posting tab

This is the step:

1.Log in to your blogger account

2.Go to Edit Posts

3.From the Post list, select edit option from the respective article(s)

4.Go to Post option, click to pull it down.

5.On the right side, below your article find Post date and time.

6.Set this date and time as you prefers, in when your article will be posted.

7.Click Publish Post