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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home » » Yudhoyono: Opposition is Behind Anticorruption Protest

Yudhoyono: Opposition is Behind Anticorruption Protest

Tomorrow December 9, the world will commemorate the Anti-Corruption Day. In Indonesia, anti-corruption day emblazon will be accompanied by rallies broadly, both in Jakarta and other cities.
In the middle of the action plan protests, anti-corruption has became a political issue. President Yudhoyono himself several times expressed that a certain party made this event as a momentum to disrupt the stability of government, not to support the eradication of corruption anymore.
On one occasion Yudhoyono said that he has received information from intelligence agency that the momentum of anti-corruption day will be used by some parties to create chaos and instability, also weakens the Democratic Party’s image in the 2014 election. Yudhoyono said a few people who never talk about eradication of corruption, was suddenly

loud and became the main mover of the rallies.
Not so clear who the parties were referred to the president. But it can logically concluded that they are Yudhoyono's political opponents.
Issue of corruption became very popular in Indonesia since the discovery of a conversation between businessman named Anggodo Widjojo with a few figures, including officials from the Supreme Court regarding the handling of corruption cases of procurement of Integrated Radio Communication System in the Department of Forestry, which makes Anggoro, Director of PT. Masaro (Anggodo brother) who also became a suspect.

This case continues to the detention of Chandra Hamzah and Bibit Slamet Riyanto, two deputy chairman of Corruption Eradication Commission, KPK. Although eventually they were freed, this case has made government charged has criminalize KPK.

Pressure on the president and the government also launched by several parties related to bailout funds to one of private bank, Century. The government issued a total of Rp 6.76 trillion in funds from November 24, 2008, to July 24, 2009, to Bank Century in response to fears that its collapse would spark a systemic threat to the country's banking system. But PPATK, the Financial Transactions Report and Analysis Center said Century bailout funds went to non-priority recipients.

Several parties also suspect the Century Bank bailout is flowing to Democrats Party as campaign funds, though the truth of this story still needs to be proved. But in this issue, PPATK did not find any direct transfer of the bailout funds to certain political parties.