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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Think About Marriage

One thing that became almost everyone's agenda is marriage. Marriage will be something big because it was a new era had never experienced before.

When a person is still far from thinking about marriage, maybe the word "marriage" will mean only limited to words that are not so profound meaning. Married to understand just to get a couple who will always accompany with every day.

When the time comes and someone patterns of thinking has changed, the understanding of marriage must have changed.

God ordained man to pairs like heaven and earth, day and night, men and women, healthy and sick as well as light and dark. Can you imagine what would be like if they were not paired. There is afternoon but no night, there is the earth but no sky and so on. It's easy to understand that what happened is disharmony.

Marriage will contain more meaning than just to form a harmony. Marriage will bring a person to harmony in one thing, but it also contains elements of responsibility, love, understanding, accepting weaknesses and strengths, together in love and sorrow, to build social responsibility and community, as well as bringing together two great families.

Every person who will marry duly aware of all this. Not easy to do, but not something that is very difficult to be realized. Happy married to anyone who is beginning to understand the meaning of marriage. Good luck ...