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Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Round of 16 World Cup 2010

Entering the macthday 3, World Cup 2010 has placed  16 countries from group A, B, C and D to the round of 16. Uruguay and Mexico in Group A, Argentina and South Korea from the group B, the United States and England from group C as well as Germany and Ghana from group D. The host South African and two superior teams, France and Greece are in fact eliminated in the qualifying round group. Cameroon is the first team eliminated from group qualifying.

16 teams remaining from Group E, F, G, and H to determine who will follow to the round of 16. Dutch, Japanese and Danish are still more likely to go through stage of 16, as well as Brazil, Portugal and Ivory Coast in Group G. From group F Paraguay, New Zealand, Italy and Slovakia are still more likely to escape. From group H Chile, Spain and Switzerland are still more likely entered the last 16.