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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Einstein's Puzzle -Try Your Logical Skill

For those of you, who like adventure with puzzles, may have come across this puzzle. However, this game will remain interesting to solve.

There is one riddle, known as the Einstein’s Puzzle. The idea is that we are asked to solve the problem with identifying who lives where, what citizen he is, what brand of his drink, what brand of his cigarette, and what pet he has?

This is the clue: There are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same road. In each house lives a man of a different nationality. Every man has his favorite drink, his favorite brand of cigarettes, and keeps pets of a particular kind.

YouTube Launched Video Live Streaming Service

Currently video live streaming service has become a trend and make an access to a real-time information becomes easier. YouTube, which is the largest portal for free online video providers have proven that their service can be used as historical documentation, learning material, and even make a particular person become very popular in the world.

Recently, YouTube made a breakthrough with the launch of  live streaming video services, similar  that is already on, Qik, Ustream, and If previously we could only play videos that are stored on their servers, now we will be able to enjoy live broadcasts of several portals like Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google Site, Free and Easy Way to Create and Share Webpages

Google site is feature owned by Google, where through this facility Google provides an intranet that allows every single person in a group to access information fast and updated. Within a group, people can work together in the Site to attach files and access information from other Google applications such as Google Doc, Google Calendar, YouTube and Picasa. Another advantage is that we will know who is accessing the site.

The steps to create and organize Google Sites: 
  1. In the, select a category  more in the navigation tabs. In the pull down menu select  sites. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

USB Flash Drive for RAM Upgrade

Have you ever felt that the RAM or memory on your computer is not sufficient? Most people may not know that USB portable flash drive can be used to upgrade the RAM or computer memory.

To be noted, that the use of USB flash drive as additional memory can only be done on the Windows Vista operating system. Windows XP and any other Windows operating system before it do not support ReadyBoost, the feature That the newer Vista introduced and fully support which allows a user to use any USB-based flash drive as a RAM or memory extender.

Here is a guide to using your portable USB flash drive as a RAM upgrade for your computer that uses Windows Vista operating system:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Create DOS Boot CD

When we run a computer with an operating system that is working normally, we probably rarely think about the Start-up DOS. But we will begin to feel the importance of the Start-up DOS when there is a problem in our computer's operating system. Nowadays, when disks are not found again, the CD became a practical option to create a DOS start-up media.

MS-DOS Boot CD is a medium used to boot your computer when it begins the startup of the Windows operating system and run some other utility programs such as disk fragment, virus scan, etc.. MS-DOS startup CD contains the programs and DOS commands that are compacted or compressed. It should be noted, that every operation system has unique characteristics. This means that the CD Boot also vary in accordance with the corresponding OS, as this Boot CD will only run on a computer that has a built-in programs that match requirement of the boots CD.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mobile Version of Google Instant

Google continues it’s innovation to improve the ability and cruising range of it’s fast search package, Google Instant. After the Google Instant developments have enjoyed a wider region, now Google Instant already available to many mobile devices iPhone and Android. This application is still in Beta version and only available in the United States with English only. Google plans to launch a mobile version of Google Instant in the end of this November, including the launch for the region outside the United States.

In the mobile version, activation needs to be done before the application can be used. The activation link located under the search box. In terms of service, no difference between Google Instant desktop version and mobile one, where Google will automatically and instantly displays the query based on what we type, followed by an immediate view search results as well. With this new feature, internet searching will be faster and more effective. Our searching will meet the result just in time. No mouse click or press enter key needed to display the result. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Share Document in Scribd

One more social publishing media I share you here, Scribd. If in my previous post about social media, I share how to add social media share button to your post, in this article I want to make Scribd overview. Scribd is a social publishing company, one of the largest social community, the website where tens of millions of people each month publish and discover original writings and documents, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can share it with the world.

As done by others Social Media, document published in Scribd are accessible to Scribd's community of reader, indexed by search engine, and easily embedded and shared on thousands of other Websites, including Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can embed your blog or website link.