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Friday, March 4, 2011

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Mobile Version of Google Instant

Google continues it’s innovation to improve the ability and cruising range of it’s fast search package, Google Instant. After the Google Instant developments have enjoyed a wider region, now Google Instant already available to many mobile devices iPhone and Android. This application is still in Beta version and only available in the United States with English only. Google plans to launch a mobile version of Google Instant in the end of this November, including the launch for the region outside the United States.

In the mobile version, activation needs to be done before the application can be used. The activation link located under the search box. In terms of service, no difference between Google Instant desktop version and mobile one, where Google will automatically and instantly displays the query based on what we type, followed by an immediate view search results as well. With this new feature, internet searching will be faster and more effective. Our searching will meet the result just in time. No mouse click or press enter key needed to display the result.