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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Add Comment and Post Counter in Blogger

In managing blogs/websites, sometimes we want to know how many articles we have created and published, as well as what kind of responses are given by readers or visitors of our blog. This becomes interesting because it could be one indicator of our writing productivity and how our blog has attracted the visitor. In order to fulfill those desires, we can put indicator for both. There are many king of indicator and models that we can use for this purpose, one of them as follows:

Total Posts Script

Total Comments script

With these two sripts, go to your blogger Layout--> Add Widget --> HTML/JavaScript. Copy those script into and don't forget to save. One more you can adjust by dragging your widget wherever you want. Don't forget to change the blog name (namablog) with your blog name, and widget name (Total Post/Total Comments) with your own. View your blog page or preview and find your total post and comment have been counted and displayed.


To build a web page, most common tools being use are HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and JavaScript. HTML or JavaScript, as well as its tag will not be displayed on the web page we see. What we see is normal text as an end user language or human language, whereas HTML as a machine language only works behind the scenes.
Sometimes, when we want to explain about HTML tag, as a way of writing HTML, on web pages; e.g. script package such as widgets script, table script, ordered list script, and so on, we need to show the original form of the HTML Scrip itself. For this purpose, we can not write the original script as in the draft posts, because what we will see in web page is the result of a scripting language, not the tag structure itself. In this case, we will not see what we have written. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is not applicable.
Let’s say you have a website about web design. And let’s say you want to display the tag required for creating a horizontal wide 20% rule. Well, if you type the tag <hr width="20%"> into your code, the browser is simply going to render it as it should be (rather than output the actual code example). See example 2.
There are two ways to display HTML tag in the web page:V 1. Encode HTML or Javascript script. This can be done at several online sites such as:
and many more.

2. By substituting a few tags that we want to see as it is with character entity references or numeric character references. Basically this method is manual way of the first method.
Example 1:
To display results as in figure 1 in web page, we will write the following script in the HTML template:

Figure 1

If in the code we type:

the result will be in Figure 2:
Figure 2

Example 2:
We will write as:

in the HTML template to below result (Figure 3)in web page

Figure 3
What will displayed if we type below code is shown in Figure 4, horizontal line
Figure 4
Let do your own experiment..!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goa Gong

I wrote my travelling experience at Kawah Putih, Bandung previously where you can find very exotic volcanic crater. Now I am writing my experience in Goa Gong, the exotic cave in Pacitan, East Java. All photographs in Kawah Putih post are pictures I took myself during my visit there a few months ago, but in this post pictures taken from several online sources, though I also had the previous visit these caves.
What a wonderful scene in Indonesia. Have you ever imagined wall of heaven to be seen? If no, you can see and feel the charm whenever you want now. In Pacitan, East Java.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you capable ?

In this life, often we are faced with a variety of things, conditions or circumstances we have to face. When everything is running normal and ordinary you may not realize where the real limits of your ability. A frog that locked up inside the iron bucket will be limited to high of the bucket. He will not really know how high he actually can jump. Likewise, when a formula 1 car driven on the highway traffic, we will never know the maximum speed it can reach.

If you are like a frog in a bucket or a formula 1 car on the street, get out... In aircraft technology, the wing will not be tested only with a half or one-time its nominal capacity, but two or three times...! Aircraft wing that are being produced will be bent over it's normal strength required to fly.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keris: The Heritage of Java

Keris is a typical Indonesian stabbing weapon, or perhaps more accurately Archipelago. Based on ancient documents, the keris in preliminary form has been used since the 9th century. Strong likelihood that the keris has been used before that time. The use of the keris itself scattered in clumps community Malays. At present, the keris commonly known in the area of Indonesia (especially in the areas of Java, Madura,Bali /Lombok, Sumatra, part of Borneo, and some of Sulawesi),Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippines (particularly in the Mindanaoregion). In Mindanao, the form of weapon which is also called the keris is not much resemblance but also a stabbing weapon.

Keris has a variety of forms, for example, there is a winding blade (always in odd count) and some are straight bladed. Javanese people assume different forms have different effects esoteri. Besides being used as a weapon, the keris is also often considered to have supernatural powers. This weapon is often mentioned in many traditional legends, such as keris Mpu Gandring in legend of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. The procedure to use keris is different in each region. In areas such asJavanese and Sundanese, the keris is placed in the back of the waist in peacetime but is placed in front in the war. Meanwhile, in Sumatra,Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, the keris was placed in front. Besides keris, there are a number of other stabbing weapons in the archipelago region, such as Rencong from Aceh, Badik fromSulawesi and West Java cleaver. Keris distinguished from other stabbing weapons primarily from the blade. Keris is not made from a single metal casted but a mixture of various metal layers. As a result of this manufacturing technique, the keris has a specificity of fame on the blade. 

My First Award

Wow .. thanks Kong Jaya, this is my first award. Hopefully can be a means of friendship among us, and bloggers. I will convey this award to the first 3 candidates. Hopefully in couple of days there will be 3 people fulfill below award nominee. The first 3 candidates: 1. ...... 2. ...... 3. ...... According to this award rule, whoever will get this award should pass on to others. Thanks Kong Jaya.


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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Liga Champion Eropa

Liga Champions (bahasa Inggris: UEFA Champions League) adalah kejuaraan antarklub sepak bola tahunan antara klub-klub sepak bola tersukses di Eropa, dan sering dianggap sebagai trofi tingkat klub yang paling prestisius di Eropa. Juara bertahan Liga Champions UEFA saat ini adalah FC Barcelona yang berhasil mengalahkan juara bertahan Manchester United 2-0.
Kejuaraan ini pertama kali dicetuskan oleh salah satu majalah olah raga Perancis. Trofi berbentuk piala yang dijuluki "The Big Ears", dan trofi pertama berbeda dengan yang sekarang diperebutkan (dibuat oleh Stadellman). Piala yang diperebutkan sekarang adalah edisi ke-6. Pada awalnya kejuaraan memperebutkan piala bernama Piala Juara Klub Eropa atau European Champion Clubs' Cup, yang biasanya disingkat menjadi Piala Eropa (European Cup, dan berbeda dari Piala Eropa seperti yang dikenal di Indonesia sekarang ini yang merujuk kepada European Championship).