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Monday, September 7, 2009

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Are you capable ?

In this life, often we are faced with a variety of things, conditions or circumstances we have to face. When everything is running normal and ordinary you may not realize where the real limits of your ability. A frog that locked up inside the iron bucket will be limited to high of the bucket. He will not really know how high he actually can jump. Likewise, when a formula 1 car driven on the highway traffic, we will never know the maximum speed it can reach.

If you are like a frog in a bucket or a formula 1 car on the street, get out... In aircraft technology, the wing will not be tested only with a half or one-time its nominal capacity, but two or three times...! Aircraft wing that are being produced will be bent over it's normal strength required to fly.
Let's now return to the frog story that had been locked in an iron bucket. Now try to reverse the metal bucket and let him jump and jump over the wall trying to get out the bucket. If he was not able to get out, may be you think that he can not jump as high as the bucket wall. Does that mean that it is his jump ability limit? I sure do not. If we try to heat the bucket up with fire, maybe he'll try harder to get out by jumping higher, and finally get out. Is it because of compulsion? Yes. Yes, compulsion. That's what you need to measure your maximum ability.

What I am saying is, one time you need to get a state of "forced" to be able to achieve the extraordinary thing. Of course there are many other things; spirit, effort, training, experience, and of course competition. Let say talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. If he throughout his career playing "only" in the Asian League, whether he will get the chance to become the world's best players? Yes probably, but more chances he will get if he can play in the Euro league, which is more competitive than the league in Asia.

So, if you want to be a frog that can jump out of the high bucket, or a wing that will never break when flying, or becoming a Formula 1 car that can go with the speed of 330 km/hour, then had to get out of conditions that I mentioned above. Grab what you want to accomplish with your highest ability. Break the limit…