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Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Add Comment and Post Counter in Blogger

In managing blogs/websites, sometimes we want to know how many articles we have created and published, as well as what kind of responses are given by readers or visitors of our blog. This becomes interesting because it could be one indicator of our writing productivity and how our blog has attracted the visitor. In order to fulfill those desires, we can put indicator for both. There are many king of indicator and models that we can use for this purpose, one of them as follows:

Total Posts Script

Total Comments script

With these two sripts, go to your blogger Layout--> Add Widget --> HTML/JavaScript. Copy those script into and don't forget to save. One more you can adjust by dragging your widget wherever you want. Don't forget to change the blog name (namablog) with your blog name, and widget name (Total Post/Total Comments) with your own. View your blog page or preview and find your total post and comment have been counted and displayed.