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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Highly appreciated to who has given me these awards. My two first and second award come from Engkong Jaya.

As the rule, I have to share and granted these awards to other.
1. My first award : ALL MY FRIENDSHIP the rule HERE>>
2. My second award : OPEN SOURCE BLOG POST the rule HERE>>

Note: This awards is voluntary, no compulsion
Here are who be granted ALL MY FRIENDSHIP award:
1. Heru
2. Rizky2009
3. Miawruu

Here are to whom I grant the OPEN SOURCE BLOG POST award:
1. Talitakum                (
2. Dukdukmonk          (
3. Heru                       (
4. Tri Spo Yo             (
5. Enno                       (
6. MySelf Mario         (
7. Menara                   (
8. Amin                       (
9. Agung                     (
10Dilarang Melarang  (

For second award, as the part of the rule, below link must be included into your site, except you have to shift one step up for each name. Rizky will disappear and then no 10 will be your Blog link.(some link are missing as no detail data from before)

1. Rizky
2. kupu.miss.oemang
3. shulayman
4. Imenoreh
5. Kluwan Love is Beauty
6. satriacell
7. eMoMySelf
8. Ikhsan
9. Menjadi Lebih baik
10.Amrih Gunawan

Happy blogging..