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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home » » Miyabi to Feature in Indonesian Movie?

Miyabi to Feature in Indonesian Movie?

Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) is a porn Japanese film artist who successfully follow in the footsteps her senior, Asia Carera, former porn artist. Maria Ozawa is now the most sought after artists and popular among others porn actresses in Asia. The girl's birth is a 1986 Japanese hybrid mixture of France and Canada. Miyabi herself attended the International School who made her social network is extensive and very good in English.
Miyabi's name rocketed in the world of blue movies in Asia since she starred in her first porn film in 2005, "New Face" in the production house S1. Under S1 production house Miyabi starred blue films, almost every month with a new title until 2007. Besides starring in dozens of porn movies in Japan, Miyabi also starred in several video clips, one of them is "Summer Time" in the DSC production House.

Movies playing in Indonesia?

A controversy is now getting hot in Indonesia, following the news that Miyabi will play in the Indonesian film titled "Munculik Miyabi" that mean "Kidnapping Miyabi". The film itself is scheduled to be produced by Picture Maxima production house. This production house produced "Pasak Kuntilanak" that also evoke controversy because considered as pornographic movie.

"The plan the end of 2009, the month of December," said Odi Mulya Hidayat, Maxima Pictures producer, as quoted from site, Wednesday (16/9/2009).
Meanwhile, "Munculik Miyabi" script will be written by Raditya Dika previously known has written a pretty successful movie, ie "Kambing Jantan" that mean Male Goat.
Refusal comes from some organizations, especially among the clergy. Miyabi arrival were considered to be no benefits and a very strong image as a clear porn star caused controversy. Some others who oppose the arrival of Miyabi is MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council), FPI (Islamic Defenders Front), Minister of Women Empowerment of Indonesia Meuthia Hatta and some moslem students.
In the other hand, producer of Maxima Pictures Odi Mulya Hidayat said the arrival of Miyabi to Indonesia to play comedy film "Menculik Miyabi" will give another "color" to Indonesian film.