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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Cbox vs Shoutmix: Who is better ?

There are some tools we can use to express our chat activity and connect to our visitors through our site or blog. Some are Shoutmix and Cbox. In this blog I install Shoutbox/shoutmix rather than Cbox. I didn't have any crucial consideration in the beginning when I installed this kind of tools in my blog. Both have similar feature and function.


Looking after several other sites I have visited, I found some experiences during try to leave my comment or chat. In most of blogs using Cbox, I underwent difficulty on submitting my words. Most of them are failed being posted.

In the other hand, in some other blogs using Shoutbox, I didn't find those kind of problem. Almost all of my shout were successfully posted. Base on my experiances, I can justify Shoubox is better than Cbox, especially in its respond and the easiness to post any shout. I didn't compare they other features.

What about your experiences?