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Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Back to Work...

Going home since 25 September 2009, taken my annual leave, today is my last day enjoying my holiday. So many things I have done during my "rest" period at home. Visited my family, relatives, my girlfriend, my grandma and grandpa, my friends, and visited some ineresting place: Teleng Ria beach in Pacitan East Java, Goa Gong (2nd visit), and Sarangan lake. These all are my "happy" occasion.

On the other hand, I also got my "sad" experience. One of my grandma is passed away on Friday, October 09 2009. During my plan to go back to Riau, she died. Bye..bye my grandma. All you have done for me has made me become as "me" as today.

Today, I am going to Riau...with new spirit to do all better things, in the same way as I am waiting for special thing in next December....(???). I am coming back Riau..