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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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USB Flash Drive for RAM Upgrade

Have you ever felt that the RAM or memory on your computer is not sufficient? Most people may not know that USB portable flash drive can be used to upgrade the RAM or computer memory.

To be noted, that the use of USB flash drive as additional memory can only be done on the Windows Vista operating system. Windows XP and any other Windows operating system before it do not support ReadyBoost, the feature That the newer Vista introduced and fully support which allows a user to use any USB-based flash drive as a RAM or memory extender.

Here is a guide to using your portable USB flash drive as a RAM upgrade for your computer that uses Windows Vista operating system:

Plug your flash drive into a USB 2.0 port on the computer. Open “My Computer” from the “Start” menu on your computer or run from the hot key (windows key + E) to open Windows Explorer.

Once the flash drive is detected by the computer, right click the flash drive directory and select the “Properties” tab. The Properties window of the drive should pop right up. There should be a tab labeled ReadyBoost on the Properties window, click on it. This is the interface where you will enable and set the flash drive to act as an extended memory in the effort to speed up your PC.

Set ReadyBoost to work. Tab ReadtBoost provides 2 choices in terms of utilization for memory extension.
- Do Not Use this Device: This is the default setting of Windows.
- Use this device: This option provides the freedom for us to determine how large the portions of space from a flash drive that will be used for memory extension.

It should be noted, the use of flash drive space that exceeds the limit can damage both the flash drive itself as well as the computer. That is why Windows provides recommended limits. One more thing, as long functioned as an extended RAM, flash drives can not be used as storage media.

After completing the above settings, click OK. Reboot your computer and feel the change.