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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Blogger in Draft

Blogger in Draft is a special version of Blogger where Blogger team try out the new features before releasing them to everyone.

This version of "post editor" just like laboratory for Blogger. Blogger Team embed "in draft" name as an indication that their new features are something in experiment. However, you can also publish your posts from Blogger in Draft and even enjoy many new interesting features.

To log into Blogger in Draft, go to and in a simple step you can swicth to "normal" Blogger by log into

Blogger in Draft has released several features that is probably the most requested feature for blogger. Some I can listed here:

1) Embedding Comment Form in each post
By this feature your reader can easily interact by leaving their comment, question or put any information.

2) Adding Star rating to individual posts
3) Blogger as Open ID provider
With this feature you can use your blog’s URL as an OpenID URL on any website that accepts OpenID 1.1 authentication. This is one step ahead move where Blogger in Draft has allowed Open ID for commenting on Blogger blogs before.

4) AutoSave
This feature enable automatic save in certain interval while you are writing your post.

5) Scheduled Post feature
For some reason, sometimes you need to set when your article will be published. Let say you write your post today and have it automatically published in the next two days. So you can use this feature. You can read this in Scheduled Post for Blogger

6) Dictionary
At the end of 2008, Blogger in Draft is also equipped with a Dictionary with some features such as Get synonyms, Translate, Define and Look up definitions.

Blogger team also launched couple of updates and fixes in Blogger in Draft for some bugs that have previously appeared . They have fixed an Import / Export bug that was truncating the export of comments. Also, Importing scheduled posts will keep them scheduled instead of publishing them immediately.