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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Add Social Bookmarking Share Button

Social bookmarking media is one of space where you can make your widely networking and share your opinion, article or "whatever" else. Tweeter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, and Technorati are among the most popular of social bookmarking media right now. In most of blogs or websites using those kind of button, you will find "Tweet this", "Share on Facebook", "Subcribe to Feed", "Bookmark this to", or "Add to Technorati" to share the post to their visitor.

To do this from your site/blog, easily you can add "share button" on to your each post. It will attract your blog visitor and make them easier to share your posts on his/her own media.

I will share to add those button by modify HTML template in Blogger, although actually several third party also provide those kind of widget that can be installed instantly.

All you need to do is:
1) Construct or just copy paste below script on your text editor. You can choose all or only script you want to add to your post.

2) Get the respective icon from internet and upload to your image hosting website (Photobucket, Picasa Web Album, ImageShack, TinyPic, VillagePhotos, etc). Note and copy the image URL address from each icon you want to add to your post. You will put these image URL address to replace "YourImage-URLaddress" at above script.

3) Log in into your Blogger-Dashboard-Layout-Edit HTML

4) Check on "expand widget template" and backup your template. This will avoid you from loosing any widget or template problem if your modification failed.

5) Scroll down and find below code:

or similar code. Within this space, you will place your share button script above immediately after the "post-footer" code. Basically, you can put your  "share button" in anywhere you want. Still in post footer,  you can also put those button within below code, immediately after 'post-footer-line post-footer-line-..' line:

or or

You can make your own experiment to see what the difference is.

6) Save your template
7) Preview your post page and you will see the share button exist on each of your post footer.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Internet User Reach 1.7 Billion in 2009

Did you know how many internet user in the world? report on September 2009 more than 1.7 billion people active as internet user in the world right now. This take 25.6% of Wolrld population. Reported by this website, world population has reach 6,767,805,208 on September 30, 2009.

Highest internet user recorded in Asia, 738,257,230 people (42.6%), Europe 418,029,796, North America 252,908,000 user, Latin America 179,031,479; Africa 67,371,700, Middle East 57,425,046 and Oceania 20,970,490 user. This amount has increased 380.3% since December 2000.


Original Source :

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Add Emoicon in Chatbox

By default, chatbox provider (Cbox, Shoutmix, Oggix, etc) already embed emoicon in their chatbox that we can use to represent our emotion during chat. One to another provider will provide us standard-similar emoicon.

Some time we can feel boring with those standard emoicon for any reason, such as less interactive, to small icon, not colorfull, can't repreasent our entirely feeling, etc. For those kind of reason, we can add our own emoicon by inserting emoicon in the smile feature.

We can make ourself by any icon generator or a graphics editing program or just searching in the internet.

Before start to add any new emoicon, prepare your icon(s) and upload into any website hosting.(Photobucket, Picasa Web Album, ImageShack, TinyPic, VillagePhotos, etc). This icon can be *.ico, *.jpg,*.gif or any picture extension file.

Adding emoicon in Cbox

For you who use Cbox as your chatbox, this is the steps:
1, Log in into your Cbox account
2. Go to Option
3. Click Smilies

There will be dislayed list of Cbox default emoicon. You can add new emoicon by either delete the existing one (cross sign in the last column) or by clicking New row at lower side of the list.

4. After you add New row, insert your picture URL you have uploaded into picture hosting website into URL column.
5. Fill Code and Alt.Code with your own code and Save.

New additional emoicon will be in your chatbox now


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Banned by Shoutmix

In my previous post, I have shared my experience on using chat box and comparing two of them,i.e.Cbox and Shoutmix. As long as my experience, I prefer to use Shoutmix base on it's response easiness and it's self refresh feature.

A week ago, I underwent "bad" experience with Shoutmix. My blog URL has been banned by Shoutmix. When I tried to post my word, to any shoutbox on my friend blog, there will be error message:
"There are some problems with your current message. One or more website addresses you are using have been banned from the shoutbox for the reason of spamming. If you have entered website addresses, please remove them to post again"

Clear, the reason is spamming. I don't understand why my chat activity classified as spamming. I felt all of my chat is normal, and I have never intentionally spread spams.

From various informations I have got, we will be reputed doing spamming when we post chat with same word(s) to many other blog within short interval, or post rigmarole messages.

What I did in my chat was opening several blog addresses and write my message and then sent it, meanwhile I was waiting for the other blog addresses opened. Then I did the same from next blog within normal interval, 1 or 2 minutes. One more thing I have never sent rigmarole message.

I have contact Shoutmix customer service and ask to unblock my URL ban, twice. But until now, there is still no response.

To avoid contact discontinuity with all of you, I decided to change my chatbox to Cbox. I am really sorry for my visit downturn to all of you with Shoumix chatbox.

You can share your experiences......

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Google Page Rank

For the first time, my blog is ranked in the top 8 by Google. Top 8 mean PR 2.

Start blogging in the end of  July 2009, I just came to my dashboard and then tried to write something from what were ringing in my head. Editing my template, customizing the layout, and tried to do something to make my blog looks little bit pretty and eye catchy. What do you think my blog appearance look like now?? Yes, sure. It is still many shortcomings in one side and another. I am still learning..ha..ha.

I didn't think I'd ever get high traffic or pagerank from any site rank provider/checker. What my concern was how to make my blog worth enough to be seen, and people interesting on the articles.

After some one and half month, I started to think that the "core business" in making website or blog is to make as many as possible people over there visit my blog, reading the articles and some other time will visit my blog again. It's mean that more traffic is needed.

I tried to do many things to make my blog traffic increased, and finally today, 30 October 2009 Google has ranked my blog 2. I am very happy. There is some kind of feeling that what I have done is not useless.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ada yang bilang bersimpati kepada dua orang yang ditahan..
Ada yang bilang mendukung penuh KPK..
Ada yang bilang siap menjadi jaminan..
Ada yang "RELA" meninggalkan kuliah untuk berdemo..
Ada yang "RELA" meninggalkan pekerjaan untuk bagi-bagi pita hitam di jalanan..
Ada yang menuntut Kapolri mundur..
Ada yang bilang KPK dikriminalisasi..
Ada yang "RELA" mati untuk KPK..
Ada yang bikin account FB untuk mencari dukungan 1.000.000 orang..
Ada yang bikin lagu "KPK Di Hatiku"..
Ada yang "RELA" berantem di media televisi..
Ada yang ..ada yang...ada yang..

Sudah menjadi kulit dan darah daging bangsa kita..ikut-ikutan..latah
Coba anda nilai sendiri..Saya bisa benar dan juga bisa salah.

Kawan coba pikirkan...

Menurut anda, berapa persen dari orang-orang yang "RELA" itu, dengan mambentuk barisan, front, atau apapun namanya untuk mendukung KPK dan mengatakan KPK dikriminalisasi, Polri blunder, minta Kapolri dicopot, "RELA" menjadi jaminan, dll.  yang benar-benar mengerti mengapa mereka melakukan itu?  Apakah anda yakin  lebih dari 25 persen? Saya 100% tidak yakin...saya tidak yakin. Bukan tidak yakin 100%, tetapi 100% tidak yakin. Terserah keyakinan Anda..

Siapa yang sudah bisa untuk mengatakan bahwa Polri yang salah, dan dua orang itu yang benar? Atau sebaliknya, Polri yang benar dan dua orang itu yang salah? Sekarang siapa yang kita percaya: opini  atau fakta?Apakah kita percaya asumsi, ataukah kita percaya bukti? Silahkan Anda menentukan. 

Yang menjadi keyakinan saya saat ini, belum ada siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah. Pertanyaannya, apakah mereka yang menjadi SUKARELAWAN itu berhak menentukan siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah. Kalau jawabannya iya, berarti tidak perlu ada pengadilan.
Saya juga mendukung KPK. Siapa yang tidak ingin melihat korupsi diberangus di negeri ini? Yang mengusik pikiran saya, seolah olah sudah ada justifikasi siapa yang salah dan siapa yang benar. Bukankah itu tugas pengadilan?

Saya tidak mengatakan, semua orang yang "RELA" itu tidak mengetahui permasalahan dan salah. Tidak juga saya mengatakan orang-orang itu mengerti permasalahan dan benar. 

Apa yang sebenarnya saya katakan?
Kita boleh berpendapat, kita boleh beropini..kita boleh mendukung atau menentang suatu hal. Tetapi hilangkanlah sifat memalukan yang LATAH, dan ikut-ikutan. Saya sangat menghargai orang-orang yang mempunyai keyakinan dan berani bersuara, tetapi saya akan sangat malu dengan diri saya sendiri, kalau saya membabi-buta berteriak keras tanpa kepahaman.

Saya bisa benar, dan juga bisa salah. Yang pasti saya beropini dengan apa yang saya yakini.

Anda semua boleh beropini...