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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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My Google Page Rank

For the first time, my blog is ranked in the top 8 by Google. Top 8 mean PR 2.

Start blogging in the end of  July 2009, I just came to my dashboard and then tried to write something from what were ringing in my head. Editing my template, customizing the layout, and tried to do something to make my blog looks little bit pretty and eye catchy. What do you think my blog appearance look like now?? Yes, sure. It is still many shortcomings in one side and another. I am still learning..ha..ha.

I didn't think I'd ever get high traffic or pagerank from any site rank provider/checker. What my concern was how to make my blog worth enough to be seen, and people interesting on the articles.

After some one and half month, I started to think that the "core business" in making website or blog is to make as many as possible people over there visit my blog, reading the articles and some other time will visit my blog again. It's mean that more traffic is needed.

I tried to do many things to make my blog traffic increased, and finally today, 30 October 2009 Google has ranked my blog 2. I am very happy. There is some kind of feeling that what I have done is not useless.