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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Banned by Shoutmix

In my previous post, I have shared my experience on using chat box and comparing two of them,i.e.Cbox and Shoutmix. As long as my experience, I prefer to use Shoutmix base on it's response easiness and it's self refresh feature.

A week ago, I underwent "bad" experience with Shoutmix. My blog URL has been banned by Shoutmix. When I tried to post my word, to any shoutbox on my friend blog, there will be error message:
"There are some problems with your current message. One or more website addresses you are using have been banned from the shoutbox for the reason of spamming. If you have entered website addresses, please remove them to post again"

Clear, the reason is spamming. I don't understand why my chat activity classified as spamming. I felt all of my chat is normal, and I have never intentionally spread spams.

From various informations I have got, we will be reputed doing spamming when we post chat with same word(s) to many other blog within short interval, or post rigmarole messages.

What I did in my chat was opening several blog addresses and write my message and then sent it, meanwhile I was waiting for the other blog addresses opened. Then I did the same from next blog within normal interval, 1 or 2 minutes. One more thing I have never sent rigmarole message.

I have contact Shoutmix customer service and ask to unblock my URL ban, twice. But until now, there is still no response.

To avoid contact discontinuity with all of you, I decided to change my chatbox to Cbox. I am really sorry for my visit downturn to all of you with Shoumix chatbox.

You can share your experiences......