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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Crankshaft, New Feature from Chrome

More and more, our current discussion is still about Chrome, internet browser from Google that has achieved so many improvements since its released 2 years ago. Compared to other internet browsers, even to browsers that has released many years before, Chrome can be considered as the leader in the term of innovation.

In the end of year 2010, Chrome has become 3rd most popular browser with market share 9.26%, increase from 8% in middle 2010.

Do not need to wait for long enough for us after it's latest feature released i.e. Instant Preview, Google is doing it again. Google introduced Crankshaft, a new compilation infrastructure for V8 on 7 December 2010. V8 is Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine that was already applied by Google on Chrome since the first version.

"By using aggressive optimizations, Crankshaft dramatically improves the performance of compute-intensive JavaScript applications - often by more than a factor of two! This will give users a faster and more responsive experience loading web pages and applications built with complex JavaScript", official said at Chromium Blog.

Google claimed that overall Crankshaft boosts V8’s performance by 50% on the V8 benchmark suite and improves the page load performance of Chrome by 12% for pages that contain significant amounts of JavaScript code. The idea is to heavily optimize code that is frequently executed and not waste time optimizing code that is not.

Crankshaft has four main components:
1. A base compiler
2. A runtime profiler
3. An optimizing compiler
4. Deoptimization support

For detailed explanation please visit Chromium official blog