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Friday, October 22, 2010

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Roo, From Hero to Zero?

From hero to zero;the words might describe the current Rooney’s way of life. Born in Croxteth, Liverpool on 24 October 1985 Wayne Rooney has now become a big star in world football.

Rooney b
egan his career at age of 10 when joining Everton, and started his professional career in 2002 still in Everton. Two years at Everton, Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004. His debut for United begins when entertaining Fenerbahce 24 September 2004 in the Champions League group stage by scoring a hat trick. 
His career started to climb and until recently has become United's main striker. Even in last season Rooney has become a major foothold in United's score after the departure of Christiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. In the national team one place irreplaceable for him. Rooney has become a hero who is always praised by a United’s fan as well as British citizens.

No one had expected, his personal life and career are falling down now. After his sex scandal exposed by mass media, he had no spirit as if he had lost his instinct to make a goal. Hard to believe; in the 2010 World Cup he did not even make a goal. Similarly, in the 2010-2011 early seasons Rooney scored only once.
Now Rooney is falling. His statement that suddenly want to leave leave United has sparked criticism from various parties, includes from his fanatical fans. Now
Rooney as if expelled from Manchester United and become the enemy a lot of people. No longer hailed as a hero, but scorned. Rooney almost become zero. Only one word to him: Roo, come on raise you up.