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Friday, October 22, 2010

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Civilization and Happiness

What is the civilization? And what is the happiness? What is the correlation? Although not the only, people say that the aim of building civilization is to obtain happiness.

Isolated tribal hinterland, a very humble and modest community, often called "low civilized". Conversely the more developed rural community or a large urban population, developed countries and the like often called "high civilized". Is it true?

Sometimes a question raised in my minds, what people actually want bothered to become "highly civilized" or to become "modern"? Whether for achieving the happiness?

Perhaps one reason that it makes sense is that their life will becomes easier. Or so they could be happier with the social order that are considered "advanced" and "better". Is it true?

Let us consider the following description to answer or reflect on my last two questions:

Bedouin communities in the interior of Banten (West Java), or there may be some other tribes that much more isolated in the interior of Papua, for example. Is it true that  they are not happy because they are considered as "less civilized"?. They may not know cars, telephone, televisions, can’t read and write, never go to school, not familiar with dinner table manner of Europeans, or other habits that more "civilized" society are usually do. They may not know the food flavor, beer, and sugar or fruit juice to drink, branded clothing and jewelry, and so on. So do they mean not ever find happiness?

Let compare to the lifestyle of the "modern" people or "high civilized" people. They have an access to information quickly and up to date through television, internet, phone, etc.. They can move from one place to another in hours even hundreds of miles away without fatigue. They have regular social institution; can enjoy various facilities in all things compared with "primitive" society.  "High civilized" society can utilize its expertise to build the industry, working in companies or in the office, an officer, became an actress, a scientist, a doctor, and various other fields that can generate income or high economic value. His life is easier.

But was it easier? And does that mean they never get the suffering?Now let us compare. 

"Primitive" society has never had a vehicle. That is, they do not need hard-earned money to buy a car, or motorcycles. They do not have to pay vehicle taxes, submit driving license, fueling his car, or fear of his vehicle stolen. Because all of them are "outside" of their lives. In contrast to the “high civilized" society.

"Primitive" society never heard or understood what it was school. That is, they do not have a headache thinking about where their children will be school, how to buy school uniforms, how to pay tuition etc.. In contrast to the " high civilized" society.

"Primitive" society never heard or knew about telephone. That is, they will not have to buy credits or pay phone billing, and they will never be harmed by cellular signal. Did they suffer? No, because they' have not knew. In contrast to the " high civilized" society.

"Primitive" society does not know about fast food, flavor or canned carbonated beverages, cosmetics for skin care, Air-conditioned room, or ATM machines. Did they suffer? No, because all of that they never knew. Unlike the "high civilization" did.

"Primitive" society can not become official, working in oil and Gas Company, or build an industry with billions dollar of capital. Nor can buy apartments or luxury housing, even a very modest house they did not have. Did they suffer? No. Because they never know. In contrast to the " high civilized" society.

My question is, why should people work hard to be “modern” or “high civilized?