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Friday, July 23, 2010

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Pertamina fuel quality is Questionable

Pertamina, the State Owned Oil Company denies that their gasoline products has low fuel quality.  Pertamina President Director, Karen Agustiawan claimed that their fuel products are in accordance with the standards. "Who said we were under a standard gasoline, if it turns out they were wrong I would claim”, she said. 

Pertamina Corporate Secretary Toharso said its lowest grade car fuel Premium is produced based on the standards set by the Oil and Gas Directorate General of the Energy and Mineral Resources Department, and that "There are no reports on fuel pump damage due to the quality of Pertamina's Premium came from any party”. The fuel pump damage caused by vehicle users does not use the fuel according to the specifications of his car, which is can be the fuel octane rating.

The denial is related to complaints from various parties regarding the alleged of Pertamina's poor gasoline quality. Within the last few weeks, reported series of complaints on automobile engine troubles that are triggered by damage of the fuel pump.  

Not only in Jakarta but also have started to be felt in Medan, North Sumatra. In Jakarta, dozens of cars brought into the workshop with the same complaint, damage of the fuel pumps. Blue Bird, the biggest Indonesian taxi company said it has about 1,200 unit of its Toyota fleet have trouble on their fuel pumps since June and have suffered billions of losses. They said the cause is the occurrence of sediment in a suspected gas station due to high sulfur content.

According to those complaints, Chief of Police said the investigation team will be formed.