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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Big Decision

Life is like a spinning wheel, constantly changing, and sometimes we are faced with two or more choices, and we must choose one of them. Like a puzzle, we need to choose which one must be moved and rearranged, move a piece from one side to the other side, to find the solution and correct construction. And then you need your final decision that determine your all planning.

It was then that required careful consideration, especially when it relates to our “puzzle “ of life and our future. Big decisions to be taken. It may move from where we are today, moving from our present condition or change of habit over the years. That is, we will face new challenges, and of course also new risks. We must realize there is no decision without challenges and risks.
Not wrong if some people think something new means of gambling. Because no one can guarantee what we will decide to produce something better. The only certain thing is, you will get new opportunity and in the same time a new risk as well. Risk meaning opportunity, no risk means no opportunity. Something better come from the opportunity.

That's what we need to consider carefully. When we decide something big, may we need to think once, twice, or may be three times. We must weigh the advantages and the lack, after that the decision must be taken.  That is life.