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Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Chrome 6 Beta Released

Google Chrome 6 Beta for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms is available for download now. Google Chrome 6.0.401.1 Beta. The new release is just an update and fixes bugs discovered in Earlier versions. No new features have been added in this release. 

One of them is the speed of Chrome 6 is capable of running 15% faster than previous versions, especially when running in the V8 and the SunSpider benchmark, quoted by The Register, Monday (08/16/2010). Chrome team has worked specifically on fixing the behavior of chrome while handling shortened URLs in the Omnibox 

Google Chrome 5.0.396.0 Beta added the feature of removing the http:// from the displayed URL. This worked pretty well for most of users but it was a difficulty to copy the web address from the Omnibox. This has been fixed in the current release. Now the http:// would be automatically appended even if you copy only a part of the address.

Google Chrome has been increasing in its share in the web-browser market ever since its initial release. It currently holds 8% of usage share for browsers which is more than Safari (5.4%) and Opera (1.82%) (both released earlier than Chrome). This release too is a part of strategy to improve the browser quickly and increase the user base. 

As a beta version, this release still has some weakness and expected to be fixed in next issue.