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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plastic Recycling Code

Do you use a lot of plastic packaging for your food or drinks?  Be careful.! Plastics are made with specific goals tailored to their usage. Let say packaging for detergents, food, oil, chemicals, water, and so forth. Characteristics of each plastic materials also vary.

Code of plastic materials are usually placed at the bottom of the plastic containers. Basically  this code states the level of their recycle rate because each plastic materials have a different recycling rate. This code also states the resin content of plastic materials and in terms of application, we can find the guidance in using plastic materials. Some are suitable for high temperature application and some aren't. Some plastic are allowed  for one use only, and some 
even poisonous. For the food grade plastic, we can use as our food container. That is why you need very careful in using those kind of plastic, especially for your food and drink container. 
Find the summary:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Healthy BMI Prevents High Blood Pressure

One thing as an indicator of human health is blood pressure. Facts say, heart health is strongly influenced by one's blood pressure.

Based on studies conducted by the Royal Free and University College Medical School London, the blood pressure is closely related to body weight. The study suggests that high BMI throughout life had "a strong effect on high blood pressure between ages 36 to 53. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a statistical measurement which compares a person's weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is. Keeping your weight under control, from childhood through middle age, can offset high blood pressure in later years a new study shows.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


FAT32 and NTFS are file systems created for keeping track of files in the hard disk. A file system is a set of logical constructs that dictate how the space on a disk volume is to be utilized. NTFS is more robust and effective simply because of its advanced features and functionalities. FAT, in general, comprises of overly simplistic data structures, hence making operations more time consuming. The functionalities of NTFS are far more over-powering since it makes use of advanced data structures to improve reliability, disk space utilization and overall performance

Comparison chart

Improve this chartFAT32NTFS
Overall Performance:Both built-in security and recoverability are absent. File compression is not possible.There is built-in security and recoverability. File compression is one amongst several other features.
Size & Storage:The Maximum volume size is 32GB for all OS and 2TB for some OS. 4194304 is the maximum file volume.Maximum volume size is 2TB. Nearly unlimited files can be stored.
Versions:FAT12 (first version) followed by FAT16 and then FAT32.NT3.1, NT 3.5, NT3.51 and NT4, NTFSV5.0, NTFSV5.1, NTFSV5.2 and NTFSV6.0
Function:FAT is a widely used computer filesystem architecture used not only on computer systems but also on most memory cards. FAT32 is the most recent one and supersedes its predecessors.NTFS is the file system that WindowsNT and its later versions including the recent Windows 7uses for storing and retrieving files on hard disk.
Stands for:File Allocation TableNew Technology File System
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Einstein's Puzzle -Try Your Logical Skill

For those of you, who like adventure with puzzles, may have come across this puzzle. However, this game will remain interesting to solve.

There is one riddle, known as the Einstein’s Puzzle. The idea is that we are asked to solve the problem with identifying who lives where, what citizen he is, what brand of his drink, what brand of his cigarette, and what pet he has?

This is the clue: There are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same road. In each house lives a man of a different nationality. Every man has his favorite drink, his favorite brand of cigarettes, and keeps pets of a particular kind.